Puerto Galera - A Slice of an Affordable Heaven

Puerto Galera (or port for galleons, if translated literally) is a small town on the northeast coast of the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. Though it is a quiet little town, it is a popular summer destination in the country. People come here from all over the country and the rest of the world for its wonderful beaches and fun water activities. Others also come here for its nearby forests, waterfalls, and dive spots.

The little town has always been a trading haven even during the pre-Spanish era of its history. Evidence of this comes from artifacts from Thailand, Vietnam, and China dating way back into the 10th to 15th centuries. The Spanish took advantage of its natural harbor and used it for trade. The town soon became the government seat of the whole Mindoro Island. In December of 1927, Puerto Galera was turned into an independent municipality through a congressional act.

The Puerto Galera weather is pretty much like the rest of the country. The months from March all the way to May are hot summer months. June to October are the rainy months, which are accompanied by tropical storms. The rest of the year is favorably cool, which makes the months from December to May the peak season for tourists.

Puerto Galera Activities

Water sports enthusiasts will find the place a treat. Scuba diving here is a big hit since the submarine ecosystem here is fantastic. Dive shops in Puerto Galera offer beginner courses for those who want to take their first steps or first dips. Other water sports you can try include windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and jet skiing.

If you want to get out of the tropical cool waters for a change, then you can go hiking, shooting at the gun range, paint ball games, and off road motorcycling. However, if you're want to spend a quiet day enjoying the beautiful panoramic views then go to Ponderosa Golf Club.

Puerto Galera's Resorts and Hotels

There are a lot of places to get room and board in Puerto Galera. Since it is a popular tourist destination in the country, you can be sure to find accommodations whatever your budget or need. Whether you're looking for lodgings with spectacular views of the sea or a place conveniently located near key attractions and sights, you'll surely find a wide variety of resorts and hotels that offer these and more.

Some of the places you might like to have a look around are Sabang Beach, White Beach, Lalaguna Beach, and Palangan. Of course, you'll also find lodgings elsewhere like in the bay area for instance where it is more peaceful. However, if you're always in the mood to party at night, then the fanfare of Puerto Galera's nightlife in Sabang Beach and White Beach will be just right.

Some places of note on Sabang Beach include the following: Villa Sabang Beach Resort, Captain Gregg's, Big Apple, Tropicana Private Fortress, and Coral Cove. If you prefer to stay at the Small and Big Lalaguna Beach then try Portofino Beach Resort, Lalaguna Beach Club and Dive Center, Deep Blue Sea, and El Galleon Resort and Hotel.

Apartelle de Francesca is a nice place to stay where accommodations are reasonable and is located at the center of White Beach. Now, if you're in the Palangan area you might want to check out Encenada Beach Resort and Tanawin Bay Resort.

Puerto Galera Dining

The 1980's brought Puerto Galera into the limelight as a popular tourist destination in the country. Since then, the place has seen different foreign and local tourists from backpackers to the who's who of the upper echelon. With the influx of visitors, restaurants offered a wide spectrum of different flavors to appease the different tastes of its tourists.

If you're looking for romantic dinners, a varied international menu, wonderful weekend barbecues then head on to Puerto Galera Yacht Club. If you want to slow down from all the partying or perhaps try something Mexican then you should go for Badladz Restaurant. Still staying away from the rowdy crowds, Captain Gregg's is a great place to escape while enjoying idyllic mornings and sumptuous evening barbecues. If you would love to get a cup of coffee after a wild night then Portofino Cafe has everything you need. It's also a great place to grab a snack and enjoy friendly service.

The Big Apple Dive Resort has a Floating Bar that offers wonderful shakes, made-to-order sandwiches, and a great panoramic view of Sabang's waterfront. However, if you're looking for fine dining then move on to El Galleon Beach Resort and Hotel, which usually has a guest chef flaunting his best crafts.

Though Puerto Galera is a small town, it has a lot of natural wonders that are worth visiting. The cool tropical weather, sights, and great food guarantee a great time under the sun.

Puerto Galera; if you are planning a trip tp the Philippines, you need to check this place out. Puerto Galera is a small and 3rd class municipality located in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. This small paradise is about four to five hours away from bustling Manila. It is a heavenly retreat that boasts of a string of beaches that you can enjoy even on a tight budget.

Getting to Puerto Galera

To go to Puerto Galera from any city or place in Manila, you would first have to drive to the port at Batangas City. You will then have to go by boat to the Sabang Beach in Mindoro. From there, you have several beaches to choose from. You can opt to go to Coco Beach, White Beach, Tamaraw Beach or the Big and Small Lalaguna; although, you can also always opt to stay in Sabang Beach. Regardless of where you choose to go, you will certainly enjoy the beaches of Puerto Galera.

The Tourism in Puerto Galera

This small municipality is a haven for both local and foreign tourists. It is a slice of heaven at an inexpensive price. It is relatively cheap to travel to Puerto Galera and once you’ve reached the island, you won’t have to worry about affordable – even cheap – accommodations. The place is packed with low-cost lodgings. You will also find no problem finding food and drinks that are all within your means. In fact, even on a really tight budget, you can still travel to Puerto Galera with only $150 in your pocket. This will cover your food, board and travel expenses from Manila.

Enjoying Puerto Galera

This coastal town has certainly a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists. It offers great snorkeling and diving spots dotting the area. Nature is carefully preserved with UNESCO designating Puerto Galera as a Man and Biosphere Reserve, so you will certainly find some of the best and most diverse coral reef diving spots in the whole of Asia.

If you tire of diving and snorkeling, you can enjoy the numerous bars and restaurants that are spread all over this coastal town. Most foreign tourists flock to Sabang Beach while local tourists prefer the livelier atmosphere of White Beach. The latter boasts of uncontrolled development with new restaurants, bars, and other establishments sprouting left and right.

To maximize your vacation and your stay, you can try all sorts of activities like swimming, strolling around this sleepy Philippine coastal town, boating, hiking, island hopping, trekking, beach volleyball, sun bathing, jet skiing and much more.

Puerto Galera is certainly a whole new experience. The view is unforgettable. In truth, the whole place is simply unforgettable.

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