Balatero Beach in Puerto Galera - Philippines

If you have never been to Puerto Galera, or even if you have gone there on numerous occasions, you should spend some time at Balatero Beach. This is one spot that both neophytes and seasoned travelers will definitely enjoy.

The beach can be reached by heading over to the municipality of Balatero, which is alongside Sto. Nino. Very near to the beach is the pier where you will be able to see some local vessels come and go throughout the day. Getting to the municipality itself is inexpensive if you are in Sto Nino as it is nearby. If you are coming from somewhere else, the cost of the jeepney or tricycle ride will probably be at least 50 Php or more.

The four elements that make up Balatero Beach Puerto Galera, the sand, the waters, the trees and skies above, blend together in a harmonious fashion that is rarely found anywhere else. Despite its popularity the quality of the sand remains in spotless condition, and walking on them will impress upon you its smoothness and cleanliness.

The opulent trees and greens rising from the ground complement the environment nicely, as they not only provide a shade from the heat, but the sounds that they produce when the wind begins to blow can add to the ambient setting. The ever changing patterns in the skies, on the other hand, makes for a fascinating view, and many a visitor to the land have spent countless moments gazing at the sapphire firmament covering the immaculate sea.

Swimming in Balatero Beach Puerto Galera offers even more enticements; aside from the general feeling of freshness that it brings, an excursion into the deeper parts will unveil some of the most varied and dazzling fishes in the Philippines and the world.

Because Balatero Beach Puerto Galera is now becoming part of the itinerary of most travelers, there has been a rapid growth in the number of cottages and resorts in the area. The nice thing about competition of course, is that it keeps the charge of these resorts low and at the same time they are always seeking ways to improve their service, so when you are at the beach, expect to get all the basic necessities with ease.

Balatero Beach in Puerto Galera presents you with the opportunity to unwind and get back to nature, an experience difficult to come by when living in the modern suburb. At this magnificent beach, letting go of all the stress and just loosening up is not a fantasy, but an everyday reality.



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