Bellevue Cottages in Puerto Galera - Philippines

Puerto Galera, being a favorite tourist destination, also accommodates numerous hotels and lodgings nearby its shores. Bellevue Cottages is one of the hotels in Puerto Galera that is ideal for backpackers, long-staying tourists and those who want to have a vacation on a budget.

Bellevue Cottages, a two-star hotel in Puerto Galera, has been in existence since the Eighties. It is located in the quieter side of Sabang Beach, so guests are assured of a more relaxing vacation as it faces the beachfront and within the confines of a lush garden that insulates sounds from the outside of the hotel. The hotel is located above the beachfront, and is made accessible through a small plight of stair form the shore.

Each of the cottages is individually rented to maximize privacy. All units contain the basic amenities, plus a veranda and individual hammocks. Cottages are designed in Filipino native-style to complete the rustic look. All units are surrounded by a lush garden filled with tropical trees and plants, as well as frequented by butterflies and exotic birds. Prices at Bellevue Cottages range from 1500 to 2000 pesos per night, depending on room occupancy.

Guests expect a nice view of the beach right on front of their balconies while idling on their hammocks. The hotel staff is also trained to provide warm hospitality, while the hotel amenities are designed to guarantee comfort and convenience of the guests. The hotel is also equipped with a power generator to ensure 24-hour electricity, even with power blackouts.

There is also an in-house restaurant in Bellevue Cottages called the View Point Restaurant, which serves Filipino and European cuisine. The restaurant also serves a wide extension of alcoholic beverages, as well as a barbeque buffet for special nights. Guests can dine in the restaurant with the company of lovely, instrumental music.

Other services in Bellevue Cottages include tour arrangements around Puerto Galera such as trekking, hiking and island hopping. Bellevue Cottages is also affiliated with some diving centers geared to provide diving courses and services.

Activities nearby the hotel include dining at the chain of restaurants along Sabang Beach and partying at the nearby bars and clubs. For those who want a more laid-back set of activities in Puerto Galera, one can also visit the Ponderosa Golf Course, the Paradise Reptile Zoo and the indigenous peoples settlements nearby the beach.

Bellevue Cottages is located at Puerto Galeras Sabang Beach, with a telephone number of 63-43-724-8527 for reservations.



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