Black Rice Display Board

Most trips to Puerto Galera involve going to the beach, diving or trekking through the forests and mountains. However, one site that you may want to visit too is Muelle Pier, where the Black Rice Display Board can be found.

What is the Black Rice Display Board?

The Black Rice Display Board refers to the rice being collected in the old cart that you will find along Mueller Pier. It may seem odd to find such an item beside all the boats and shipping vessels along the seashore. When you inspect the rice on the rickshaw, do not be surprised if they are black as ebony, and if you are told that they come from the sea, because it is true.

There are many variations to the story concerning the origin of the Black Rice Display Board in Puerto Galera, but one of the most popular versions is the following: during the early 1800s, there was an old rice granary situated near the sea. One day an old lady came and asked for some rice. The Spaniard guarding the place told her to leave, whereupon the woman cursed the granary.

The Myth

According to the legend of the Black Rice Display Board, the local residents woke up the next day to find the warehouse had burned down. As they inspected the ruins they saw grains of rice being thrown up by the sea across onto the shore. They were all black, burned to a crisp. To this very day, these grains continue to wash ashore and are still being placed on the cart. It is forbidden to take any of the grains away, as they now form part of the historical and cultural heritage of the province.

How to get to the Black Rice Display Board

To get to the Black Rice Display Board in Puerto Galera, you should head over to Muelle Pier. Owing to the fact that the Muelle Pier is one of the most often visited spots on the island, you can just instruct the tricycle driver to drive over to that spot. The cost of the tricycle ride is not fixed, and you should not be surprised if it goes up to 50 Php. It might cost even more if you are quite a distance from Muelle Pier, but bargaining is always possible.

At first glance the Black Rice Display Board in Puerto Galera might seem to be nothing more than a historical curiosity or oddity. But whatever the truth about the legend may be, there is no question that the site provides you with a way to connect with the thoughts of the local folks and understand how history and myths often intertwine.



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