Puerto Galera Climate

Puerto Galera is definitely a nice place to stay. It is equipped with all the good characteristics that make up a pleasant holiday destination – from the topography to the establishments available to the climate.

Puerto Galera is basically set forth with lots of mountainous areas combined with streams of water and pocket beaches. This kind of topography attracts a tropical climate, which is humid for the most part with frequent to occasional rain showers. From July to October, typhoons and stormy weathers usually visit the place. That is why a lot of visitors avoid the place during that time. For the rest of the year, the weather in Puerto Galera is very friendly, which gives way to its very active tourism industry.

July to October is considered an off season for Puerto Galera visitors. Since the weather can be cloudy and stormy, they are left with almost nothing to do. All the beach activities you can enjoy within the Puerto Galera territory are best valued when the sun is up and about. During this time when the climate is not too friendly is the cheapest season to put together a Puerto Galera vacation. If you are into a low priced holiday and not mindful of the activities that you cannot cover due to bad weather, you can take the trip to Puerto Galera around this time. Instead of the usual diving, mountain trekking, kayaking, and island hopping activities, you can switch to discovering the historical and religious values of Puerto Galera instead.

Since November to June presents a pleasant climate, visitors usually come in droves during this time, especially during important holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and Easter. Travelers consider Puerto Galera as the cheap counterpart of Boracay. If they cannot afford or cannot get a seat to the pristine white beaches in the Visayan region, they easily settle to this wonderful gem situated in Oriental Mindoro. The pleasant and sunny weather during the peak season allows for beach activities to take place.

Before planning your trip to Puerto Galera, it is important that you plan it around a time where the climate allows for your target activities to take place. If you love the sun and the sea, you will be able to experience them best when the climate is humid with several rainshowers that cool off the surroundings every once in a while. If you are not so much into diving and other water activities, you can arrange your vacation during the lean season to enjoy more of the island to yourself. Just make sure that a typhoon is not underway because it will be possible to get out of your cottage when that happens.



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