Electricity for Vacationers

Being still largely rural, Puerta Galera in Oriental Mindoro has problems with electricity. But tourist-class resorts and hotels in Puerto Galera are sure to provide 24-hour electricity to patrons for a sure vacation enjoyment free of power shortage hassleslike there were no electricity problems in the locality at all.

Electricity in Hotels / Resorts

Most resorts and hotels in Puerto Galera provide 220 volts of electricity, and there are some that even offer 110 volts for more convenience. Some foreigners bring 110-volt small appliances with them, like electric shaver or hair dryer. Such electricity requirements are easily provided by most tourist-class Puerto Galera lodges through emergency generators.

Regular electricity is supplied by ORMECO in the Puerto Galera area. Residents are mostly affected by the perennial power shortages due to insufficient electricity supply. But lodge providers, especially those catering to foreign tourists, are equipped to remedy this tourism malady. Just be sure that when getting resort or hotel reservations in Puerto Galera, the matter on electricity and air conditioning is clear.

ORMECO (Oriental Mindoro Electric Company) gets electricity from MIRANT which sells it at about Php 12 per kilowatt-hour. The result is too high a monthly power rate for ordinary residents to afford. And this affects private businesses in the area, including resort and hotel owners. A lot of hotel and resort conveniences and amenities depend on electricity.

The local government of Puerto Galera is considering the use of hydro-electric and wind power plants in the near future to offset electricity shortages in the locality. Mount Tabinay would be a good site for power wind mills similar to those in Ilocos. With these projects operating soon, electricity would be cheaper and tourism in Puerto Galera would be better served. The target is to bring down electricity cost at Php 6 per kilowatt-hour or less.

Power generation is handled by NAPOCOR. However, at present, NAPOCOR and other power sellers are facing more challenges than their resources and capabilities can handle. With more brown outs, hotel and resort owners are concerned about the dire effects of electricity shortage on their businesses, especially when frequent power outages mean a breakdown of appliances.

Automatic switch to power generation for continuous supply of electricity is available in most classy tourist lodges but the cost to run these generators can soar when cuts in the supply of electricity go on most of the day. And this can affect the cost of their services.

But tourists need not worry. Electricity is available in Puerto Galera. Lodge owners see to it that there is enough electricity for a comfortable vacation.



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