Fishermens Cove in Puerto Galera - Philippines

Fishermens Cove is a two-star resort situated within Santo Nino in Puerto Galera, which features high quality hotel facilities. For individuals who want to explore the rich underwater ecosystem of the area, they can easily do so by going to its exclusive dive shop, where they can sign up for special diving lessons and other exciting water activities. Furthermore, the place also has an Italian-themed restaurant, which serves delicious treats and specialties such as pasta, bread, and fish.

Aside from the aforementioned features, Fishermens Cove in Puerto Galera also features a very nice gazebo, where guests can do plenty of relaxing, soothing, and enjoyable services including pedicure, aromatherapy, and massages. In addition to all these special services, this place also creates wonderful opportunities for people to engage in fun-filled outdoor activities like mountain biking, kayaking, and canyoning among other great things. Lastly, Fishermens Cove in Puerto Galera also offers special travel packages to some of the most exciting locations in town including Lake Naujan, Cave of Aras, and tours to various beaches.

Concerning room accommodations, Fishermens Cove in Puerto Galera offers 10 attractive bungalows for guests and visitors. For sure, everyone will feel cozy and comfortable at the soft king-size beds inside these beautiful guestrooms. After a long sweaty day, people can wash themselves conveniently, thanks to the warm shower features found inside its private bathrooms. For only 1,500 pesos, they can already enjoy the comfort, convenience, and pleasure that only this place can provide.

With its location within Santo Nino in Puerto Galera, Fishermens Cove is definitely a highly accessible resort hotel because of its proximity to commercial establishments and other places of interest in the area. From there, people can simply walk their way to some of the most comprehensive and efficient dive centers in town including Mabuhay Dive Resort, Cocktail Divers, and Big Apple Dive Resort. Of course, they can also visit and drop by at some of the famous restaurants such as Hemingways Bar and Restaurant, Relax Thai Restaurant, as well as Mabuhay Dive Resort Restaurant.

Fishermens Cove in Puerto Galera owns the website, which is definitely the right place to go to especially for people who want to find out more about what the resort hotel has to offer. For questions, bookings, and reservations, interested individuals or groups can send their messages to For those who want to make special diving arrangements while staying inside this prime resort, they can make reservations through the e-mail address



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