How to Get to Puerto Galera From Cebu

Cebu is definitely a nice, complete place deemed perfect as a holiday destination. But Cebuanos need a break as well and a lot of them want to try the vacation appeal of other parts of the Philippines, including the very famous Puerto Galera, which was tagged as the “Boracay” of the Poor. If you are one of those who are excited to sample the brand of water that runs in Puerto Galera beaches, pay attention to this quick guide on how to get to Puerto Galera from Cebu.

Traveling from Cebu to Puerto Galera is a combination of three modes of transportation: air, land, and sea. From Cebu, you will take a one-hour flight to Manila. From Manila, you will take about three-hour bus ride to Batangas. From the Batangas Pier, you will take a ferry boat that will bring you to the gateway to some summer fun!

If you choose to go against the usual and want to transport o Puerto Galera from Cebu just by air, you can well do so. There is no direct flight from Cebu to Mindoro yet so your best resort is to fly to Manila and then take another flight to McGuire Airport, which is located in San, Jose, Occidental Mindoro. From there, you will have to suffer from a long land travel either by bus or by a rented vehicle. The long ride from San Jose to Puerto Galera is the basic reason people choose going through the ferry boat in Batangas Pier instead. Riding ferry boats to get to Puerto Galera is also very economical. One ride would only cost you less than Php500 as opposed to the price of an airline ticket.

Whichever way you choose how to get to Puerto Galera from Cebu, it is important that you are able to appreciate the scenic views that is available on your way. Marvel about the minute view of Cebu City from above and then the city appeal of Manila as you land on the domestic airport. You can also have a quick stop in the metro to have a sampling of the city’s best before heading to your actual destination. Plan your vacation around a timetable so no time is wasted waiting for your booked flight or the next bus or ferry boat departure.

You see, enjoying a travel should start as you transport to the place. Reaching Puerto Galera is just a culmination of an exciting vacation that you have foreseen it to be.



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