How to Get to Puerto Galera From Manila

There are several ways on how to get to Puerto Galera from Manila. It is basically left to the traveler the sole decision on which mode of transportation to choose. Your choice obviously reflects that of your preference and your budget.

For the most part, people choose traveling to Puerto Galera from Manila through the land-sea combination. In Manila, you can find several bus lines that accommodate trips to the Batangas Pier. If you find comfort traveling in vans or F/X taxis, you can also choose to ride in them as well. Buses headed to Batangas can be found in key points in the Metro including Ermita and Cubao in Quezon City. From there, you can start on your more than three-hour journey to Batangas by land. The bus fare to Batangas varies according to the quality of ride you want to have. Ordinary buses naturally charges lower than their air-conditioned counterparts. Since this is a fairly long ride, it is advisable that you choose your brand of comfort well.

In Batangas, ferry boats intended for Puerto Galera visitors are waiting. The ferries are classified according to their point of entry. Puerto Galera has three major entry points – the Sabang Beach, the Muelle Pier, and the Balatero Pier. There are also ferry boats headed straight to the famous White Beach and the tourist-friendly Talipanan Beach. The sea travel lasts for more than an hour to two hours. If you sum it up, traveling from Manila to Puerto Galera through the land-sea combination is good for five hours the most.

Another transportation option for Puerto Galera visitors is the air-land combination. Obviously, this mode costs higher than the land-sea combination and for some, it is considered impractical than the first option. There is no direct flight from Manila to Puerto Galera but if you so want to travel by air, you can do so by landing on its neighboring town, San Jose.

The McGuire Field located in San Jose used to be an airfield for US Air Force. When the force left, it was opened for public use. After landing in McGuire Field, you will have to tackle a long bus ride. As the land travel could be too long for an excited Puerto Galera tourist, this option has been less in demand. If you want to see the best of Mindoro in general and not just Puerto Galera, traveling by air is definitely better. That is, if you have enough money to cover a huge expense.



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