Puerto Galera Resorts & Hotels

Located within the Oriental Mindoro province, the municipality of Puerto Galera is definitely one of the most popular and enticing tourist attractions in the Philippines today. To accommodate the increasing number of tourists and guests who continuously flock the place year after year, numerous outstanding hotels and resorts are available to offer the best facilities, outstanding services, and super affordable rates for the enjoyment and pleasure of everyone.

Portofino Beach Resort

Situated at Small La Laguna Beach within Barangay Sabang in Puerto Galera, Portofino Beach Resort is an outstanding hotel resort that takes pride on its first-class services, wonderful amenities, and reasonable prices. Overall, the place offers 25 outstandingly designed guestrooms and residential units. This unique place carries a Spanish-Mediterranean theme, which makes it more inviting, comfortable, and very much relaxing to all its valued visitors and guests. Room rates usually range from $58 to $155 during ordinary days, while the special holiday rates may run from as low as $70 to as high as $180. Furthermore, this prime hotel provides its guests with numerous exciting outdoor activities to cherish and enjoy like mountain hiking, wind surfing, and kayaking.

Portofino Beach Resort is another exemplary hospitality service provider that offers broad courses on scuba diving. Aside from its five splendid diving centers, this resort hotel is also very proud of its homey restaurant that serves different kinds of sumptuous European dishes to guests. Additionally, people can always relax and have fun inside its simple but pleasing gym that is equipped with up-to-date facilities. From $60 to $180, people can already enjoy wonderful and comfortable stays in any of its available guestrooms, all of which carry a mesmerizing and appealing Spanish-Mediterranean interior design. Furthermore, small groups can avail of special packages that this place offers, which commonly include enjoyable diving lessons, delightful breakfasts, and great hotel accommodations.

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Atlantis Dive Resort

Located within Sabang Beach in Puerto Galera, Atlantis Dive Resort is a topnotch hotel that promises its valued guests and visitors a relaxing, private, and comfortable stay while enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds within the area. Inside this prestigious hotel, people can try different kinds of nice, clean, and exciting rooms such as Double Deluxe Rooms, Standard Seaview Rooms, and Flintstone Houses. Furthermore, they can also choose other wonderful alternatives such as Flintstone Seaview Suites, Coconut Terraces, and Honeymoon Suites. Each of these rooms is equipped with the best amenities available such as solar-powered water heaters, adjustable ceiling fans, and unlimited wireless Internet connectivity.

Atlantis Dive Resort is a luxurious and elegant hospitality service provider that offers splendid facilities, super efficient services, and outstanding accommodations. Inside this first-rate resort hotel, people can easily find beautiful amenities including a relaxing massage and spa center, a large swimming pool, as well as well-maintained conference rooms. In the meantime, those who want to experience great-tasting food and refreshing beverages can always visit its inviting restaurant as well as its cozy bar. In terms of accommodations, this outstanding hotel features excellent room amenities like coffeemakers, in-room safes, and mini-bars. Additionally, all the rooms have cable television sets for the enjoyment, comfort, and entertainment of its valued guests.

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Mermaid Resort

Located at Sabang Beach in the municipality of Puerto Galera, Mermaid Resort is a first-class hospitality service provider that offers great facilities and outstanding services. With a total 30 guestrooms to offer, people can already experience the luxury, convenience, and comfort provided by the different in-room amenities like safety deposit boxes, flat screen television sets, and dining areas. Inside this hotel, guests can also find world-class facilities such as a nice swimming pool and an extensive dive center.

Mermaid Resort is an inviting, elegant, and very attractive place to stay. Thanks to its ultra modern look and state-of-the-art facilities, this hotel is definitely one of the finest locations within the area. People can choose from 30 nice and spacious rooms that include Superior Deluxe Rooms, Pool Suites, Royal Suites, Royal Family Suites, and Penthouses. Rates for these very beautiful rooms range from $52 to $85 during ordinary seasons, while the special rates range from $60 to $105 during high seasons.

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Coco Beach Island Resort

Found along the Beachfront of Puerto Galera, Coco Beach Island Resort is a wonderful resort hotel that serves a perfect place for pleasure-seeking tourists and guests. Overall, the place features 96 beautiful rooms classified under Standard, Deluxe, Suites, and Heritage. This fine hotel is also known for its super affordable rates, where ordinary room rates usually range somewhere in between 848 pesos to 2,548 pesos for an overnight stay. Inside this place, people can choose from four different kinds of restaurants, all of which serve excellent food and beverages. The place also brags of an Internet café, a bar and music lounge, a dive shop, as well as a shopping arcade.

Coco Beach Island Resort is a beautiful and magnificent hospitality service provider that offers first-class facilities and wonderful services. Starting from 1,000 pesos, people can already enjoy the comfort and convenience of different room amenities like queen-sized beds, spacious balconies, and mini-kitchens. Meanwhile, to offer leisure, entertainment, and recreation to all its valued guests, this attractive resort hotel offers a very nice music and bar lounge, a fascinating shopping arcade, as well as a spacious children’s playground. Furthermore, it also offers four different kinds of exciting and inviting restaurants that specialize in international cuisines.

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Puerto Nirvana Beach Resort

Situated at Sitio Hondura within Poblacion, Puerto Nirvana Beach Resort is another amazing hotel resort that offers first-class amenities such as a souvenir shop, a training room, and a huge swimming pool. For guests who love sports, they can always play at the resort’s basketball court or even play indoor games like table tennis, darts, and billiards. Furthermore, it also arranges special action-packed water activities for its guests including kayaking and jet skiing. In terms of rooms, guests can stay at any of the available units including VIP Suites. Inside this prime hospitality service provider, people can choose from many different exciting room accommodations including Dormitory Rooms, Family Rooms, and Deluxe Rooms. Furthermore, they can also try better accommodations at any of the Executive Rooms, Suite Rooms, and VIP Rooms. The regular rates for these rooms rates from around 2,500 pesos to 6,000 pesos, while the holiday rates range from as low as around 2,500 pesos to as high as 6,300 pesos.

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Marco Vincent Resort

Located at White Beach within the municipality of Puerto Galera in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Marco Vincent Resort is one of the premier and elegant hospitality service providers in the area that offers first-rate services and luxurious facilities. Overall, this place features excellent and outstanding amenities like a well-maintained swimming pool, a relaxing spa and spacious conference rooms. With a total 38 cozy rooms to offer, guests can already enjoy the luxury of various amenities such as Wi-Fi Internet access, satellite television sets, and mini-refrigerators, all arranged and designed to exude that beautiful Mediterranean theme. From 4,000 pesos to 6,000 pesos, people can have memorable and comfortable stays at this world-class and extravagant resort hotel.

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Apartelle de Francesca

Situated along the shores of White Beach in Puerto Galera, Apartelle de Francesca is a small yet highly impressive resort hotel that takes pride on its first class amenities and efficient services. Inside the beautiful place, guests can always find wonderful facilities such as an attractive swimming pool, a very nice mini-bar, as well as a relaxing gym. Furthermore, this outstanding hospitality service provider also features spacious and elegant guestrooms with queen-size beds, cable television sets, as well as clean bathrooms with hot and cold showers. To accommodate guests who are on a tight budget, this attractive hotel offers regular ran rooms, which come with cheaper accommodation rates.

Apartelle de Francesca offers spacious and comfortable rooms ideal for relaxing one’s tired body after a day on the beach. Most rooms contain air-conditioning, and all rooms contain a balcony, private showers, and cable television. Facilities include in-house bar and restaurant, mini-Jacuzzi and adult-sized swimming pool, souvenir shop and fitness gym. A group of three persons can stay for two nights at Apartelle de Francesca for a starting price of P1300 per head, inclusive of three meals for a single day. Reservations can be made by visiting www.francescaresort.com/reservation.html. Apartelle de Francesca is located at White Beach in Puerto Galera.

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Coral Cove Resort

Found at Sabang Beach in Puerto Galera, Coral Cove Resort is one of the fine and prime hotels in the area that provides splendid facilities and impressive services for everyone. Within this luxurious resort hotel, people can experience superb amenities such as state-of-the-art conference rooms as well as a cozy restaurant. Aside from these wonderful facilities, this hospitality service provider also features capacious guestrooms that offer private verandas, mini-refrigerators, and cable television sets. For only 1,500 pesos, people can already have relaxing, comfortable, and pleasurable stays at any of its beautiful rooms, namely Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Family Rooms, and Cabana. Additionally, the resort hotel also offers interesting and educational scuba diving lessons, especially for those individuals who want to explore the deep waters of the beach.

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Summer Connection Beach Resort

Situated at White Beach in Puerto Galera, Summer Connection Beach Resort is a fascinating hotel that offers relaxing ambiance as well as pleasing amenities to all the travelers out there. Besides its strategic location, this famous hospitality service provider also features outstanding facilities including a relaxing bar and a cozy restaurant. Starting from 1,500 pesos, people can already enjoy the comfort of various room amenities such as cable television sets, clean bathrooms, and well-maintained air conditioning units. In addition, the management of this hotel can arrange special lessons for people who want to learn more about scuba diving.

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La Laguna Beach Club and Dive Center

Found at Big La Laguna Beach in Puerto Galera, La Laguna Beach Club and Dive Center is a topnotch resort hotel facility that offers high quality services and outstanding amenities. For at least 3,000 pesos, travelers can already experience the luxury of excellent room amenities like cable television sets, mini-bars, and mini-kitchens. Inside the place, guests can also find a refreshing swimming pool, a spacious playroom, and a relaxing bar. Meanwhile, for the comfort and convenience of all its visitors, this resort hotel offers free Wi-Fi Internet access as well as VIP transfer services. Finally, this first-rate hotel resort facility offers special arrangements for exciting and enjoyable outdoor recreational activities such as island hopping, snorkeling, and diving.

YLa Laguna Beach Club & Dive Centre nestled in the middle of Big Lalaguna Bay. With well appointed and fully furnished rooms (including a cable TV, mini bar, Wifi Internet access, additional stretcher beds for children, and more), this resort is really a good choice to stay in. This Puerto Galera resort is one of those resorts in Mindoro that has been the choice of many since its construction in 1992.

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Buri Resort and Spa

Situated within Sitio Dalaruan in Puerto Galera, Buri Resort and Spa is a magnificent hotel that takes pride of its attractive interior design and first-class architecture. Starting from 7,000 pesos, people can already experience comfort in one of its highly elegant guestrooms, all of which have excellent features like spacious balconies, elegant bathrooms, and relaxing garden setting. Besides its magnificent rooms, this resort hotel also offers topnotch hotel amenities like beautiful swimming pools, a refreshing spa, and a first-class restaurant. Furthermore, the place also provides special services for the convenience of its visitors and guests including air transport service, water activities coordination, and babysitting.

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Mabuhay Dive Resort

Found within the town of Sabang in Puerto Galera, Mabuhay Dive Resort is one of the prime boutique hotels in the area that provides first-rate services, as well as interesting leisure and dining amenities. Overall, this famous resort hotel plays home to grandiose facilities like a wonderful water sports center, inviting swimming pools, and a nice restaurant that specializes in Asian as well as international cuisines. With 40 big rooms to offer, guests can already enjoy the convenience of various attractive amenities, which include marbled shower rooms, breezy balconies, and impressive sofa sets. Moreover, this outstanding hotel offers extensive diving lessons for all the guests out there who want to explore the rich marine ecosystem of the area.

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Blue Crystal Beach Resort

Situated within Barangay Palangan in Puerto Galera, Blue Crystal Beach Resort is one of the captivating hospitality service providers in the area that offers luxurious services and grandiose facilities for everyone. In terms of exciting water activities, this grand resort hotel provides affordable scuba diving lessons to interested groups. Aside from this, people can also experience convenience inside its atmospheric restaurant that specializes in international and Filipino cuisines. Meanwhile, guests will surely enjoy a relaxing time with their loved ones as they check in at any of its available super inviting guestrooms, namely Deluxe Suites, Superior Suites, Family Suites, King Suites, and Executive Suites. For only $60, guests can already enjoy the convenience of topnotch amenities like spacious living areas, mini-refrigerators, and mini-bars.

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Aninuan Beach Resort

Found within Barangay Aninuan in Puerto Galera, Aninuan Beach Resort is one of the topnotch and outstanding hospitality service providers, which features extravagant and glamorous facilities to all the travelers out there. Situated at a strategic location, people can always have fun and enjoy exciting water sports and activities in the famous White Beach. Meanwhile, inside this first-class resort hotel, guests can also experience luxury in any of its fascinating and spacious rooms, all of which are equipped with basic amenities like cable television sets, elegant bathrooms, as well as comfortable queen-sized beds. For the convenience of its guests, the efficient staff of this hotel can arrange special boat trips, snorkeling adventures, and parasailing.

Aninuan Beach Resort is teeming with night life and spectacular view of the beach. This Puerto Galera resort is known for the spectacular sunset view while offering a more relaxed respite being in a more private location.

This Puerto Galera resort offers a getaway vacation with close encounter with nature such as the waterfall with natural pool to enjoy, private picnic, colorful coral gardens to explore, boar rides to the nearby beaches, hiking and a short ride to a mountain golf course.

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Dreamwave Hotel

Guests relax in this comfortable getaway located in Puerto Galera’s White Beach. Dreamwave Hotel provides the modern and chic comfort for the guests’ ultimate relaxation, with its cozy interiors, adequate services and ample facilities. Each of the rooms at Dreamwave Hotel has a balcony or deck, private bath and cable television. Located right at the center of White Beach guests can expect a full day of water-related activities, as well as leisurely activities of dining, shopping and bar-hopping in the area. Prices at Dreamwave Hotel start at 850 pesos for non-air-conditioned rooms, and 1,300 pesos for air-conditioned rooms. Reservations can be made through 63-921-315-2510, or through the hotel’s official website, www.dreamwave-puertogalera.com.

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Blue Water Lodge

Blue Water Lodge provides cozy accommodations with its spacious and tastefully-decorated rooms. Each of the rooms in the Blue Water Lodge is fully air-conditioned, with two queen-sized beds, private bath and cable television. Located at the heart of White Beach in Puerto Galera, Blue Water Lodge is near to great restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and convenience stores. Reservations and price inquiries at Blue Water Lodge can be made through 63-02-331-9089, or info@bluewaterlodge.com.ph

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Lagundian Hills

Lagundian Hills provides decent and safe accommodations at affordable rates. All rooms in Lagundian Hills provide the basic amenities of air-conditioning, cable television and private bath. The hotel also provides a balcony or deck in each room for guests to enjoy the nice breeze from the sea. Three days and two nights of accommodation at Lagundian Hills starts at P9500, inclusive of daily breakfast. Lagundian Hills is located at White Beach, San Isidro in Puerto Galera. Reservations in Lagundian Hills can be made at 63-917-926-5942, or at lagundianhills@gamebox.net

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Encenada Beach Resort

Encenada Beach Resort guarantees their guests a nice and comfortable hotel accommodation at very affordable prices. Encenada Beach Resort is basically a no-fuss, laid-back hotel that provides the tourists their much-needed relaxation. Standard Rooms are non-air-conditioned rooms with two queen-sized bed and common showers. Encenada Beach Resort also provides air-conditioned rooms on most of its hotel rooms and all of its suites at VIP rooms. The hotel also provides diving facilities and tutorial services. There is also an in-house restaurant serving international and native Filipino dishes. The resort is right within the coast line of Puerto Galera, so guests are sure to fully enjoy the nice beachfront view, sea breeze and the cool and relaxed sound of the waves. Facilities in Encenada Beach Resort include dining and entertainment facilities, such as mini bar and restaurant and billiards table. A rate of US$120 includes roudntrip transport services from Manila, via bus and boat to Puerto Galera, as well as daily breakfast, welcome drink and two nights and three days of accommodation. Encenada Beach Resort is located at White Beach in Puerto Galera, and reservations can be made through email at encenadabeach@yahoo.com

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Coco Point Hotel

Coco Point Hotel provides safe and decent hotel accommodation at very affordable rates. Most rooms are fully air-conditioned, although the cheapest rates are those rooms with an air fan. Nevertheless, the premises are cooler than expected as the hotel is situated at the dock. Prices at the Coco Point Hotel start at less that U$20. Coco Point Hotel is located at White Beach in Puerto Galera, and reservations can be made by calling 63-43-442-0109.

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Lan Sei Water Resort

Situated at White Beach in Puerto Galera, Lan Sei Water Resort is another first-rate hotel that features superb facilities and services. Within this nice resort hotel, people can find superior hotel facilities like nice billiard tables, a relaxing Jacuzzi, and a huge swimming pool. In terms of room accommodations, this hospitality service provider offers comfort through its outstanding set of amenities like clean bathrooms, cable television sets, and nice dining areas. For only 1,500 pesos, guests can already enjoy the inviting atmosphere inside this first-class resort hotel.

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Oceana Beach Resort

Found at Dulangan Beach in Puerto Galera, Oceana Beach Resort is an interesting hotel resort that offers great facilities and services to all its guests and visitors. In terms of room amenities, this place owns high quality features such as terraces, private bathrooms, and relaxing queen-sized beds. In terms of other important facilities, this place also features a water sports center, where people can sign up for special lessons on different kinds of exciting water activities like scuba diving.

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Badladz Adventure Resort

Located at Muelle Bay in Puerto Galera, Badladz Adventure Resort is another attractive hospitality service provider in the area that features amazing facilities and efficient services. As one of its major facilities, this place takes pride on its nice and cozy restaurant that specializes in delightful Mexican dishes and delicacies. Meanwhile, guests can experience many new things by visiting its first-rate scuba diving training school. Furthermore, they can also experience comfort and convenience at any of its available guestrooms, which include Budget Rooms, Single Rooms, and Double Rooms. Starting from 800 pesos, they can already avail accommodations at these nice clean rooms, which feature basic amenities like balconies, cable television sets, and private bathrooms.

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Bamboo Beach Resort

Situated within Sitio Dalaruan in Puerto Galera, Bamboo Beach Resort is a simple yet attractive hotel that provides heart-warming services and stylish facilities. For as low as 1,000 pesos, guests can already experience the convenience, comfort, and pleasure that its beautiful guestrooms provide, all of which feature great amenities like verandas, private bathrooms, and nice beds. Furthermore, the friendly hotel staff is always ready arrange special leisure activities like island hopping, boat trips, as well as trekking for all its guests and visitors. From the nice resort location, guests can easily go and visit nearby commercial establishments such as restaurants, bars, and dive centers.

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Fishermen’s Cove Beach Resort

Found at Sabang Beach in Puerto Galera, Fishermen’s Cove Beach Resort is a cozy and quiet hotel that offers great facilities, efficient services, and affordable accommodations. In terms of dining, people can always relax and unwind within its nice restaurant, which serves delightful treats. Furthermore, guests can also rest and have quality moments inside its cozy and comfortable guestrooms, which feature useful amenities like king-sized beds, impressive private bathrooms, and spacious dining areas. Furthermore, they can also try several water activities that the hotel’s wonderful diving center offers including snorkeling and diving.

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Carm Rob Inn

Located at Small La Laguna within Barangay Sabang, Carm Rob Inn is definitely one of the most reliable hospitality service providers in Puerto Galera. For only 1,500 pesos to 2,000 pesos, people can easily book at one of its beautiful, neat, and cozy guestrooms, each of which has superior room amenities such as a TV set, a stove, and a kitchenette. Moving further, every room also has a private bathroom, a shower, and a comfortable bed. More importantly, many guests love the place because of its convenient location, which is backed up by the fast and efficient services of the hotel staff.

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Sinandigan Lodge

A highly affordable hotel in Puerto Galera, Sinandigan Lodge is another decent hospitality service provider that features nice and clean beautiful guestrooms, all of which have air-conditioning systems that contributes to the overall comfort and pleasure that hotel guests can experience within this place. With a budget of 1,000 pesos or more, they can already stay at any of the available rooms inside this fine budget hotel. Additionally, it also has an exclusive bar and restaurant where people can always enjoy sumptuous meals every time they want.

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El Galleon Beach Resort and Hotel

El Galleon Beach Resort and Hotel can be found along Lea Beach, which is one of the most interesting and captivating areas in Puerto Galera. Inside this fine resort facility, guests can always enjoy luxurious and pleasurable stays, thanks to its extensive list of beautiful amenities including a spacious conference room, a nice swimming pool, and a cozy restaurant. Add to that, guests can use unlimited wireless Internet access. In terms of rooms, this place features Budget Rooms, Pool Side Rooms, Family Rooms, and Seaview Rooms for the price of $51 to $95. Furthermore, it also offers a Penthouse that costs somewhere around $145 for an overnight stay.

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Franklyn Beach Resort

Found within the area of Palangan, Franklyn Beach Resort is another interesting hotel facility right within the midst of Puerto Galera. Overall, this place features topnotch amenities like a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a bar that serves numerous kinds of refreshing drinks and special alcoholic beverages. With regards to room accommodations, this hotel resort offers three major types of guestrooms, namely Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Suites, with common basic in-room features such as private toilets, bathrooms, and conveniently soft beds. Standard Rooms usually cost 1,300 pesos to 3,500 pesos, Deluxe Rooms from 1,800 pesos to 4,300 pesos, while the prices for Suites range from 2,300 pesos to 4,800 pesos.

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Capt’n Gregg’s Accommodation

Situated right along Sabang Beach in Puerto Galera, Capt’n Gregg’s Accommodation is a first-class resort facility that provides people with some very nice place to stay. Furthermore, it also features first-rate hotel amenities like a comprehensive restaurant as well as a world-class dive center, which offers guests the perfect opportunity to experience underwater adventure through activities like scuba diving as well as snorkeling. For as much as 1,000 pesos, people can already stay at this highly affordable hotel, with guestrooms comprised on amenities such as TV sets, clean bathrooms, and cozy beds. When staying in this place, they can choose between fan rooms and air-condition rooms.

To say that Capt’n Gregg’s is a popular resort hotel in Puerto Galera is a huge understatement. This is because Capt’n Greggs is considered to be one of the institutions in the area. It is a diver’s paradise as one of the features that clearly sets it apart is the dive center that it offers. The rooms for lodging, which are located just above the water, are great for their value and their rates do not fluctuate for the most part of the year unlike in other resort hotels. Dining is also another activity that Capt’n Gregg’s is good at providing as their restaurant offers dishes that are the best bang for one’s bucks. Capt’n Gregg’s is accessed through the sea.

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Sabang Inn

Located at Sabang beach is one of Puerto Galera resort that offers complete amenities and room accommodation services of a high class resort for a more relaxed stay. Sabang Inn provides good resort services at affordable rates with tour packages for the comfort and convenience of travelling tourists.

Room accommodations include a separate air-conditioning and fan units to provide comfort and cater to the individual needs of their guests, tiled bathroom with hot and cold shower, double beds in each room (extra bed available upon request with additional charge), a private and full equipped kitchen that allows guests to cook their own preferred foods and dishes. Each room has an eating area and a balcony with each room equipped with a 21” colored cable television and for better security of the guest’s personal belongings each room has its own safe deposit box.

A stay at Sabang Inn offers a magnificent experience of enjoying the inviting views of Sabang beach and the opportunity to explore the most major diving sites in Puerto Galera which are only 10 minutes away by boat.

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Tropicana Dive Resort

Located at Sabang is another Puerto Galera resort that offers an encounter with paradise. Tropicana Dive resort is one that offers magnificent experience of staying in a resort overlooking the Puerto Galera Sea with luxurious rooms to stay.

A haven to most guests, Tropicana Dive resort offers the elegance of living in comfort abounding its classical styled and fully furnished rooms. All rooms come with four poster bed accentuated with elegant accessories with suite marble bathrooms that come with a bathtub and mini bar. Cable television is also part of the amenities in every room with intercom phone, air condition and a mounted ceiling fan.

One can indulge with the variety of dishes served by this elegant Puerto Galera resort with extraordinary views to enjoy during your stay and with complete luxurious amenities that meet your comfort which make this Puerto Galera hotel notable as a man’s quest for paradise.

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Villa Sabang

Villa Sabang is a Puerto Galera resort that offers a diving experience with the untamed dive sites in Puerto Galera and an adventurous dive encounter with shark caves, dive walls, unexplored reefs and coral gardens.

They also offer amenities such as a kitchen bar, relaxation area, a swimming pool, open air bamboo bar and a billiard hall. They also provide extra service of arranging an island adventure consisting of snorkeling, swimming and diving in addition to tours in waterfalls and other activities such as motor bike rentals, golfing and picnics.

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Asia Divers Resort

A vacation tour at Puerto Galera is made more fun by staying at Holiday Asia Divers Resort which is one of Puerto Galera resort that offers accommodation package including a diving tour adventure that take you to a more fun, exciting and unforgettable experience in Puerto Galera.

This Puerto Galera resort offers not only resort/hotel accommodation but also offers diving training courses as well that are managed by PADI Career Development Center in the Philippines. This is a Puerto Galera resort to stay when one likes to enjoy an exciting vacation combined with diving experience in Puerto Galera.

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Laguna Deep Blue Sea Inn

This Puerto Galera resort provides a place to stay overlooking the crystal waters and white sands of Puerto Galera beach at Small La Laguna. It is considered to be a tropical island hideaway that offers room choices of either air-conditioned or fan rooms all of which overlooking the Verde passage and the beach. They also offer palatable international cuisines you can savor while enjoying the view of the Small La Laguna beach. One can indulge with the numerous water activities such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and diving at Laguna Deep Blue Sea Inn.

Deep Blue Sea Inn is an outstanding Puerto Galera hotel that offers tourists and guests a relaxing, soothing, and pleasant stay while enjoying the various kinds of outdoor activities that the place has to offer. Above all, the place is popular for its highly affordable rates, which may go from 650 pesos to 1,200 pesos during peak seasons, while the off-peak rates range from 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos. Basic room facilities include spacious beds, hot and cold shower fixtures, and television sets.

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Graywall Resort

Graywall resort is one of Puerto Galera resorts in White Beach that offers a relaxing and comfortable accommodation. It is a secluded resort that offers a tropical vacation experience as a perfect getaway that combines tranquility and various activities such as gazing at the sunset, relaxed bonding experience with the sand and the crystal clear waters of the beach, diving, snorkeling and jet skiing to your vacation satisfaction.

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Carlos Paradise Hotel

Located along Small La Laguna Beach is Carlos Paradise Hotel, one of Puerto Galera resorts that offer accommodation amenities consisting of private cottages and apartments with air-conditioned deluxe rooms. Located in a secured cove and set on cliffs, it provides a quiet respite for vacationing guests.

This Puerto Galera resort offers a budget friendly place to stay when visiting Puerto Galera specifically in Small La Laguna Beach. They serve delicious International cuisines with loads of sumptuous seafood and Filipino delicacies for a delightful meal.

Visiting guests of Carlos Paradise Hotel can treat themselves with the spectacular views from their rooms and they also arrange special trips on the beach with fishing activities, a visit to paradise waterfalls, the Mangyan Village, the gold panning site nearby the resort and the cockfighting arena. This Puerto Galera resort is also near the Action Divers diving center for tourists who want to explore the famous beauty of Puerto Galera’s diving sites.

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Sea View Dive Resort

A Puerto Galera resort at White Beach, Sea View Dive Resort provides a budget friendly resort with loads of great bargain offers for diving and accommodation packages. The rooms provide a great view of White beach on its private balcony with complete facilities to meet the comfort needs of their guests such as cable tv, air conditioning and Wi Fi Internet connection.

Sea View Dive Resort is a home for divers who like to explore the pristine beach, coral reefs and marine life of Puerto Galera Bay with the opportunity to experience wild life adventure and tropical nature sceneries to captivate the hearts of tourists.

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Tamaraw Beach Resort

Just a few minutes walk from the White beach is Tamaraw Beach resort that offers a more tranquil place for a perfect relaxation escapade. One gets to enjoy the breathtaking sunset and a more private swim on the sparkling waters on the beach. They offer inexpensive room rates with quality resort services to enjoy.

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Big La Laguna Resort

This Puerto Galera resort also runs a dive shop with spacious rooms to stay with warm, friendly staff to accommodate to every need of their guests equipped with complete diving facilities, a restaurant with delightful cuisines and a swimming pool.

One gets the modern comfort with style when staying at Big La Laguna Resort with warm services of its friendly staff and complete resort amenities to provide you a very relaxing and comfortable beach vacation.

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Bellevue Cottages

Bellevue Cottages was one of the first resort hotels to set up in Puerto Galera in 1986. Back then, Puerto Galera, though beginning to be known by both foreign and local tourists, was still relatively less popular than the other tourists destinations in the Philippines. Bellevue Cottages was called Seabreeze Vista Lodge back then also and it was not as big as it was today. Now, the resort hotel has dozens of rooms, each of which is an individual cottage made up of bamboo and nipa hut. Bellevue Cottage also features a newly-built swimming pool. One of the things that separate Bellevue Cottage is the spectacular view of the beach that it provides to its guests as it is strategically located to give one a breathtaking view of the sun rising and falling during dawn and dusk.

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Garden of Eden Resort

Garden of Eden Resort offers the usual amenities that can be had from the other resort hotels in Puerto Galera. Like the others, Garden of Eden offers pleasant lodging complete with air conditioning and comfortable beddings that will surely make one’s stay in Puerto Galera a relaxing one. What sets it apart from the others though is its garden motif as implied by the resort’s name.

A Puerto Galera resort along Sabang provides a tropical place to stay lined with native fruit trees, tropical plants and orchids. The Garden of Eden resort offers not only a place accommodation to stay but it also specializes in dive safaris, scuba diving with 5 Star Padi Center Cocktail Divers.

Room accommodations provided in this Puerto Galera resort consist of stylish interior designs with European style bathrooms. Its strategic location gives a perfect view of the Batangas Bay and the Verde Strait. Garden of Eden resort is one of the best Puerto Galera resorts with complete amenities to entertain their guests.

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AAA Apartelle

If simple accommodation is more to your liking, then AAA Apartelle will suit your needs. It can be regarded as a little more Spartan than the other resort hotels in Puerto Galera but it is not lacking in amenities either. So if you are looking for a nice and clean place to sleep but are not that particular with the lodging that you are having in your stay in Puerto Galera then AAA Apartelle is the best.

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Big Apple Dive Resort

What sets Big Apple Dive Resort from the others is its size. The resort starts from one of the beaches in Puerto Galera and stretches further on the shores of the area. Like Capt’n Gregg’s Big apple also features a popular diving center and a swimming pool. Apart from diving and lodging, Big Apple also offers its customers fine delicacy through its restaurant.

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Campbell’s Beach Resort

Campbell’s Beach Resort offers a pleasurable view of the natural beauty of the place everywhere you look. Located near Puerto Galera, just at the end of the beach known as Big Lalaguna Beach where people can swim, snorkel, and dive into the deep, this resort has different room accommodations. Budget for the rooms is suitably priced at around 850 for an overnight stay. Its amenities that you can enjoy include double beds, air conditioning, hot showers, cable TV and more. It also has its own bar and restaurant where Asian (particularly, Filipino and Thai cuisine) and Western dishes are served. For a touch of adventure to color your stay at this Puerto Galera resort, private tours and other pleasurable activities can be conveniently arranged for your preference.

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Cataquis Lodge

You can reach yet another relaxing Puerto Galera resort at (63)919-7600428. This particular resort is called as Cataquis Lodge where pure relaxation and great adventurous trips can both be achieved. Just like Campbell’s, this Puerto Galera resort is also along Big Lalaguna Beach. There are two beds in each room, and, the rooms are aptly priced at around P1,200 to P1,500. However, for peak seasons, there may be a slight change in the room prices. Reservations can be made in advance.

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Cherry Yutiga Lodging

Furnished with complete amenities to make your stay a convenient and cozy one is another Puerto Galera resort you should try, which is known as Cherry Yutiga Lodging. Many say that this is a good find since you can enjoy a homey atmosphere where all the comforts of home can be yours while you also get to enjoy what nature, in this part of the Philippines, has to offer.

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Queen Mary’s Inn

Queen Mary’s Inn is also another good Puerto Galera resort to choose. Just like the others, you can bask in the charm of Puerto Galera as you relax and enjoy the sun or immerse yourself in the cool, comforting waters of the bay. The rooms are also just like home with full amenities.

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Scandinavian Divers

The Scandinavian Divers usually has certain discounted package tours that you should check out to get the most of your stay without emptying your pockets. You can find this at Sabang Beach. To get in touch with them, you can email them at info@scandinaviandivers.com. There are courses offered for diving enthusiasts in the beginner and more professional levels. Prices vary depending on the course you would choose. After diving, appease your thirst for relaxation at its lodging accommodations that are there for guests and those who enroll in the diving courses offered.

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