How to get to Puerto Galera

Planning a trip to Puerto Galera? Before doing so, here are some guidelines on the possible modes of transportation to the place.

By Air

There are no direct flights that connect to Puerto Galera by air. However, the best possible route is to book a flight to San Jose, Mindoro Occidental. All flights connecting to the place come from Manila. To get to Puerto Galera, one would need to take a lengthy bus ride or rent a car.

McGuire Field, located in San Jose, was initially a US Air Force base before it was converted for public use. The main carrier with daily flights from Manila and vice versa is Asian Spirit. However, Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines have frequent flights to McGuire Field.

Traveling by air is only practical when planning a trip to the whole island since the land-and-sea is much more effective and preferable.

By Sea

By sea, Puerto Galera is accessible through land-sea route from Manila to Batangas to either Puerto Galera or Calapan. Traveling by land takes a couple of hours to 3 hours while traveling by sea takes 1 and a half hours to 2 hours.

The easiest mode of taking a land-sea route is to avail of a Sikat bus-and-ferry package which is available at the Centerpoint Hotel. This package allows passengers to easily connect to a bus and ferry trip. Compared to other buses, the fare for this package is quite expensive. However, the coaches provide more room and the trip is shorter since there are no stopovers. The sad news is that there is only one trip per day.

At the Batangas City Pier, one can choose from a wide variety of ferries going to Puerto Galera, depending on where the guests plan to enter. There are three principal points of entry to Puerto Galera namely Muelle, Balatero, and Sabang Beach.

By Land

The easiest mode of transportation to Puerto Galera is via the land-and-sea route that begins in Pasay City in Manila. Trips are frequent and buses arrive at Batangas Pier in about 3 hours. However, one needs to ensure that bus is headed for the pier instead of Batangas Bus Terminal.

From Batangas, reaching Puerto Galera is possible by sea. Passengers can have a choice between basic outriggers to state-of-the-art air conditioned fast ferries. The RORO (roll-on/roll-off) trip is another viable option.

The cheapest form of transportation is via the commercial buses of Tritran, BLTB, and Jam. Although the schedules are quite erratic, the earliest trip leaves at 6 am with one hour interval.

Public Transportation

Upon reaching Puerto Galera, public utility vehicles serve as the main mode of transportation. There are chartered bancas that would take tourists from Puerto Galera to some of the beaches along the island. Taking a trip to the most popular areas would become less reliable and per-trip arrangements would have to be made.

Jeepneys are the most prominent modes of transportation in Puerto Galera. They are available in two sizes and are more preferred than buses. They regularly ply the roads of Puerto Galera as well as in other cities.

Tricycles are the prominent mode of transportation within the towns of the resort. The drivers are very eager to travel long distances. They can also be hired by tourists on an hourly basis.

Historically, majority of the trips around the island happen in small outriggers and bancas. Tricycles are the fresh addition to modes of transportation in the island. While there are no regular taxi trips in Puerto Galera, it is likely to make arrangements for rent a car through the travel agents.

How To Get to Puerto Galera from Batangas

From the port at Batangas City it is quite simple to reach Puerto Galera by taking a ferry going to the island. Depending on the port where guests intend to enter, there are three principal points of entry namely Muelle Pier, Balatero Pier, and Sabang Beach as well as a couple of alternative points of entry from White Beach and Talipanan.

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How To Get to Puerto Galera from Manila

From Manila, there are several bus lines that can be taken going to Batangas. The trip will take three hours but could take as long as six hours depending on the traffic and weather. From there, one would have to take a ferry going to Puerto Galera. It is not advisable to travel during Saturday mornings as well as return to Manila on Sundays. This is usually the time when tourists from Manila come home.

For those who are taking their own vehicles, they can make their way to Batangas then avail of the ferry services that will take them to Puerto Galera. Secured parking is available at Batangas Pier and the last trip will leave the port at 4:00 pm.

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How To Get to Puerto Galera from Angeles

From Angeles City in Pampanga, if you don't want to take a bus, the best way to reach Puerto Galera is to ride a taxi going to Batangas. Tourists can drop themselves off at any point and usually the cars are quite new. The fare is quite expensive though as it will cost around 4000 pesos. The other alternative mode of transportation, the mini-bus, is more expensive at 4500 pesos.

From there, they can ride a ferry going to Puerto Galera.

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How To Get to Puerto Galera From Other Destinations

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From Cebu and Davao, the most effective means of transportation is via plane. However, the trip will not take tourists directly to Puerto Galera as there is no direct flight to the island.

To get to Puerto Galera, one would have to fly to San Jose, Oriental Mindoro which unfortunately originates from Manila. After arriving at McGuire Field in San Jose, buses or rental cars will take the guests to Puerto Galera.

McGuire Field used to be a US Air Force base before it was converted for use by the general public. Asian Spirit is the principal carrier that plies the San Jose-Manila and vice versa everyday. Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines have frequent flights to the domestic air field.

Air transportation is only practical when intending to tour the whole of Puerto Galera.



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