Trekking and Living the Adventure

Puerto Galera has many to offer the tourist, and one that is often sought is a trek through the jungles and streams. Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a first timer, an excursion through the natural landscapes of the island will be an experience you wont soon forget.

Trekking in Puerto Galera usually costs about 1,400 Php per person (the number that can accompany you on any trip varies. You can go with several of your friends, or you can simply go alone with only your guide). If you want to include kayaking with the jungle trek, the expenses will be about 2,300 Php.

When to Start

A trekking adventure in Puerto Galera typically begins in the morning around ten. It usually starts at Sabang (where most of the hotels and resorts are located). A typical journey begins with a ride on the jeepney, a mode of transportation that is found only in the Philippines. The first stop is usually the Mindoro coastline, where you can admire the splendid and pure waters and the brilliantly clear sky.

Where to Go

From there the trekking adventure in Puerto Galera proceeds to the famous Tamaraw Falls, one of the most popular destinations in the province. The cascading waters merge at a basin beneath the roaring falls. Although there are plenty of waterfalls in Puerto Galera, Tamaraw Falls continues to be the top attraction.

The next stop in a trekking adventure in Puerto Galera is the Hanging Bridge near San Teodoro, and then the Mangyan Village, where you can interact with the aborigines, the local inhabitants of the land. This experience will allow you to observe the way of life of the original people that settled in Puerto Galera.

From the village the jungle trekking adventure in Puerto Galera culminates in a journey up the river nearby. This will only take about half an hour. Upon reaching the destination, you will find yourself surrounded by dazzling rapids. There are also pools of water where you can take a dip, which is something you may want to do after the journey. The trees and greens will provide the perfect backdrop for your picnic.

A trekking adventure in Puerto Galera will usually take a whole day, and the journey concludes before 6 in the evening. By the time you make the trip back, the memories of the adventure will forever be embedded in your mind, and no doubt you will want to return for thrilling adventures.



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